Shop Hours
Mon-Fri  9.00am-5.00pm
Sat        9.00am-1.00pm


Dance Gear is situated on the same premises as DanceExchange, which is run by Margie Wells.

Dance Gear have all the necessary dance wear and shoes for examinations and stage work. The range includes leotards, unitards, tights, ballet skirts, character skirts, ballet shoes, ballroom shoes, tap shoes, character shoes and graduation gowns.

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Our unique range of "Design Ruff" wear, keyrings, leotards and ballet bags make delightful gifts.

Dance Gear has been serving the dance community for over 20 years, and have realised from experience that there is a large call for one of a kind dance outfits. Because of this we have teamed up with 2nd Skin. We are now able to create any stage outfit, costume or group costumes for you.